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We believe that if you are provided with the Truth and dealings are Transparent you will Trust us to look after you. We can also get you Free quotes on your green deal advice reports gdar.



Green Deal Protection will be offering an independent advice service with impartial and independent advice that is suited to consumers. We can arrange free green deal assessments.


The green deal assessment and advice is legally required to be impartial however it is not legally required to be undertaken by independent advisors. Best advice is what is best for you and not for the government, for big utility companies or the green deal providers. Trust us to deliver what is right for You.




This ensures that what you pay out on the Green Deal is always less or equal to what you save on energy costs.


The Green Deal assessment process
Domestic sector


The assessment for the domestic sector will be in two parts.

1. Green Deal Assessments of the fabric of the building resulting in an improved Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

2 Green Deal GD Occupancy assessment to take into account additional information about the way the current householder uses the property.

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heat loss from your home



Radiant Infrared Heating

Loft Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation

Solar Photovoltaics PV

Solar Thermal Hot Water

Draught Proofing


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1. We can arrange for Free Green Deal Assessments and/or get you your money back that you have paid for an assessment.

2. We can ensure that you get any cash back that is due to you.

3. We will also ensure you will get any free or subsidised installation costs you are entitled to in ECO.


1. The Green Deal Advisors Assessments Carlisle


Green Deal Occupancy Assessment Green Deal EPC Assessment


The green deal assessment process Carlisle and Cumbria

The Green Deal Advisor Assessor in Carlisle and Cumbria area undertaking a green deal assessment will visit your home, talk to you about your property and your energy use and help decide if you could benefit from Green Deal Energy Efficient improvements. To ensure the Green Deal Advisor provides an accurate and impartial assessment, your Green Deal Assessor may ask: Green Deal Assessments.


1. How many people live in your home
2.The types of appliances and heating used
3. How often the heating system is used
4. If you have any current energy-saving measures installed

5. When you book your assessment you may be asked if there are any accessibility issues, like access to your loft, and whether you can provide bills showing your recent energy use
6. Whether you own or rent the property
7. Whether your home is in a conservation area, built before 1900 or constructed in a non-traditional way.

a green deal assessor


2. Green Deal Advice Recommendations Cumbria


Green Deal Advisors GDAs will recommend improvements and indicate whether they are expected to pay for themselves through reduced energy costs. The actual savings will depend on how much energy you use and the future costs of energy.


All of this information will be provided to you in a Green Deal Advice Report GDAR.


3. Green Deal Finance Providers Quotes Cumbria


Prices of finance and installation will vary across providers and the choice you make is key to securing the best outcome for your circumstances. The GDA will discuss with you whether a Green Deal Plan is right for you. You can get as many quotes as you like and you don’t have to choose all of the recommendations made to you. Once you’ve chosen a Green Deal Provider, they will write up a Green Deal Plan. The plan is a contract between you and the Provider – it sets out the work that will be done and the repayments, including the fixed interest rate. Green Deal Providers Green Deal provider Quotes


4. Approved Green Deal Installers Installation Cumbria


Once you’ve agreed to a Green Deal Plan, your Provider will arrange for the improvements to be made to your home by an Approved Green Deal Installer. infrared heating panels radiant heating panels infrared heating systems radiant heating systems infrared heating companies


5. Green Deal Benefits Carlisle and Cumbria Area


After installation You can start to enjoy a more energy efficient home. Your Green Deal repayments will be automatically added to the electricity bill for the home. We will contact you not long after installation to ensure you are happy with the outcome.


6. Other Services and Products


With Your consent - other services and products can also be presented and even the green deal advisors advice and recommendations from the GDAR can be further explored to highlight other areas of consumer benefit not recommended. Consumers will be in an ideal position when green deal adviors imparts the truth and is transparent.


To undertake the presentation of additional products and services does require the consumers agreement, so make sure the green deal advisor has asked your permission.. Further the green deal assessor is required to inform you of any ties with green deal providers.

Green Deal Protection are at the forefront of ensuring consumer protection within the Green Deal. The Department of Energy and Climate Change DECC require advisors to be impartial.


Green Deal Protection are: Protecting the Consumer from rogue traders and monitor sales interactions throughout the Green Deal. Cofio


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